Those Little Irritations of Life!

Irritations of Life

Here’s a panel belonging to a category that would prove to be archetypal throughout the history of comic strips: the aggravating slice of everyday life. I love these strips, ‘cos they give such a wonderful insight into the social milieu in which they were conceived. While many of these kinds of strips have gags which seem universally applicable through time–hassles with the boss and kids and cars and etc.– “Little Irritations of Life” features a string of problems which are all wonderfully outdated, like the boy who uses a straight razor to shave his father’s hat, the shirt collar that’s the wrong size for the shirt, or the sock garter which has come undone and dangles from your pant leg. Even if these strips don’t produce the knowing chuckle and wry nod of understanding that they were intended to provoke, they’re still good lookin’ and fun.

Source: Barnacle Press

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