Trying To Explain In Black And White

Fun Stories

By BD Restaurant | Fairfax, VA, USA (I’m the hostess at an upscale restaurant where all the tables are pre-set with silverware rolled up in black linen napkins. If a customer with white pants come in, we trade out their silverware with one rolled in white linen. This prevents any[…]

A Big Mayo No No

Fun Stories

Restaurant | WA, USA (I am pregnant, and I find my brain occasionally ceases functioning. I often find myself at a loss for words. One night, while picking up dinner at a popular submarine sandwich shop, I confidently asked the young man making my sandwich for ‘brown mayonnaise.’) Employee: “Excuse[…]

Needs A Taste Of Common Sense

Fun Stories

Restaurant | WI, USA (A table orders a bottle of wine, so I go over to open it in front of them, let them taste it, and pour it for them. It’s standard procedure when you order a whole bottle.) Me: *after opening the bottle* “So, who would like to[…]

Not Your Regular Zombie Apocalypse

Fun Stories

Fast Food, Restaurant | USA (I am nearing the end of my shift. Unfortunately the zombie apocalypse started a few hours ago and so my coworkers and I are trying to add defenses to the doors and the windows. An obnoxious regular is trying to get in.) Regular: “I want[…]

Say Sayonara To Intelligence

More Fun

By BD Restaurant | Miami, FL, USA (I work at a Japanese restaurant and yes, I am Asian. There is a family of four sitting at a table.) Me: “Good evening, everyone. Can I start you guys off with anything?” Customer: “Where are you from?” Me: “I am from Taiwan.”[…]