Got Your Scam Tagged

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Thrift Shop | Norway (I’m working at a local thrift shop and I am going about my business in the store when a customer comes up to me with a sweater.) Customer: “How much is this sweater? The tag is gone!” (I at once suspect she tore off the tag[…]

They Have No Closing Arguments

Fun Stories

Radio Station | AB, Canada I do the morning show at a radio station. Because we’re in a small town and have a small staff, we close our offices at noon. I give away tickets to a concert that night, and tell the winner that she has to be at[…]

My Milkshake Brings All The Crazies To The Yard

Fun Stories

Fast Food | Baton Rouge, LA, USA (Our restaurant sells milkshakes in four regular flavors and varies an extra one depending on the time of year; peppermint in winter, peach in summer, etc.) Customer: “And I’d like an eggnog milkshake too.” Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. We don’t carry eggnog milkshakes.[…]

Cat-atonic To Your Pleas

Fun Stories

Vet | VA, USA (I’m waiting in the lobby of my vet’s office. Because I don’t own a car and either take a taxi or the bus there, I have my dog’s carrier with me, but I’ve taken him out of it. Another client comes in with a carrier, checks[…]

Addressing The Underlying Problem

Fun Stories

Retail | Surrey, BC, Canada (I have a customer who is trying to return an opened package of undergarments. Like the vast majority of retailers, for hygienic reasons, we have a final-sale policy on all underwear. I explain this to the customer.) Customer: “I didn’t know that it was going[…]