For Better Or Worse

Lynn’s Notes:

My friend and graphic guru, Kevin Strang, has a dog named Oden. Oden is a large, lovable yellow lab with a sweet disposition. Oden likes squeaky toys — especially rubber chickens, of which he has several. He doesn’t bite through them, he squeezes them carefully, enjoying the sound they make with obvious pleasure. He squeezes them in a way that kind of communicates his thoughts. Rapid squeaks suggest playfulness, longer sighing squeaks, thoughtfulness…loud defined squeaks mean boredom has set in or a snack is required. It’s funny. I often go to see Kevin and we’ll sit in his studio working out a colour scheme for a calendar or an illustration. Oden will sit beside my chair and squeak his rubber chickens to his heart’s delight. Kevin will likely not be reading this so I can tell you that as much as I love his dog and as funny as I think the chickens are…I often wish that the *#@**&%$* squeaking would STOPPPPP!!!!!

Source: For Better Or Worse

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