Sick Of Maternity Clothes

For Better Or Worse

Lynn’s Notes:

This punch line came from Jim Unger’s brother, Bob. Jim, who did the wonderful cartoon panel, “Herman,” had come with Bob to visit us here in North Bay. Soon after their arrival, I served them a big breakfast and noticed that Bob was wearing a rather hideous sweater — kind of a greeny-yellow, rather “pilly,” and in need of a wash. When I made a crack about the sweater, he leaned back in his chair, scratched his tummy and said in his thick British accent, “I’ve got a sweater for every day of the week…This is it!” I never forgot the line and shamelessly used it in this strip. I don’t think I ever told him…and he died not long after their visit. Jim, sadly, has gone, too, so this strip is a nice reminder.

Source:: For Better Or Worse

The crock pot is loyal

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