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(CLEAN) Try not to LAUGH or GRIN || Best of Aftew (FUNNY)

[Music]II quit[Music]youyouI have no soul[Music][Music][Music][Music]she's a wolf in Mouse clothing ahthe mouse is ghostly howl stakes claimto acquire enough detail to make themthink that it's reality have you everhad a dreams that that um you add you'lldo what you can you do you it you wantyou you could do so you you do youcompute you want you want them to do somuch you could do anythingclassic mummy guard look for him tobreak his body and have here to stopkill Melendez from getting in his guardJoe as we know the only way to get intothe mummy guard is by jumpingerratically Allah babalu know why is itthat cat Zingano is so hard to shakehere half of cats torso is actuallyfused to the match she's also been ableto distort her body in some positionsthat I can only describe a supernaturalBarry grudge like Joe[Music][Music]my name's Scott Bradford I'm 19 I'mgonna be 20 like December given caffeinethe web structure was not affected butthe spider's behavior was given THC theactive ingredient in marijuana thespider didn't build a web it built ahammock where it lay all day and watchedthe caffeine spider go and sing God I'mmoving forward and Liz Carmouche isthrown in the air by a demonic forcethey're scrambling looks like the Ryan'sgot the upper handyour Rio favors wearing him around likea backpack this is a bad position likebackpacks go through a lot of wear andtear he was able to avoid becoming youreyes pants earlier but it looks likehe's stuck here uriah going for asubmission what are his options - I see13 different backpack relatedsubmissions here he really needs towatch himself and ease up Chris wellI've been trying to spawn a second ChrisWeidman he's having some trouble gettingdetached and he's out Joe yeah but thatsecond Chris Weidman looks broken likehe might have to start again AlexisDavis and cat Zingano and an intensebreakdance battle these moves arestraight sick Joe Mike nobody talks likethat and it is all over cat ZinganoJoe break down the replay cat ispretending to sleep she's so embarrassedby Alexis's moves and there's no comingback from that Alexis Davis was indeedserved Joe welcome to our very firstprelim of the night little country hasexited the cage stood by the cameramancan now calm that cameraman isn't evenbudgethere's a pro little country trying toget back into the cage it looks like hepossibly forgot how to walk or use hisarms Joe yeah he's trying to the cagesare tough yeah you're sitting here watchthis a hundredit's not like that it's a lot harderthan it looks and he can't just phasethrough the fencing and he is facing tothe fencing Joe tamerica Julius Caesarmuy Feliz Pasquale Bella[Music][Music]badi Potter this you can spray[Music]what could be nextI'm not you my skin no wrinklesI'm not sure musky hobo nothing telleveryone I get stumble i nurture my skinstay clean with gold bow I just[Music]I get somethingmy skill man up no stay coolman up I'm going busking over matterbody powder this you see this you seethis you constrict instance go bombI'm very hungrygive me the soda give me the coffeegive me the hamburger I don't want thatgive me the hamburger it can't be thatfunny how did the Scarecrow win theaward he was outstanding in his field[Laughter]Mike he's pretending to be a turtle thatcan't look over he's trying to confuseFrank beer Frank looks very confusedlook for him to go for a takedown usingonly his feet and he got itthis essentially Jones just pulled amummy guard now he's trying to lure Alexin by casting a spellhe's showing incredible flexibility inhis bones Joe this kid is such a giftedathlete and the Iceman is back on hisfeet this crowd was going crazy Joe owreferee evil be with the psychicknockout Joe Kapp we're kick andGustafson responds with a merry-go-roundincredible strength Mike and a totaldisregard for the laws of physicsAldo with the big 1080 spin takedownhe's been landing those effectively allnight Joe Gustafson is so elusive Joe weknew going into the first clue[Music][Music][Applause]no you don't get a cookieyou

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