Cat-atonic To Your Pleas

Fun Stories

Vet | VA, USA (I’m waiting in the lobby of my vet’s office. Because I don’t own a car and either take a taxi or the bus there, I have my dog’s carrier with me, but I’ve taken him out of it. Another client comes in with a carrier, checks[…]

Addressing The Underlying Problem

Fun Stories

Retail | Surrey, BC, Canada (I have a customer who is trying to return an opened package of undergarments. Like the vast majority of retailers, for hygienic reasons, we have a final-sale policy on all underwear. I explain this to the customer.) Customer: “I didn’t know that it was going[…]

A Big Mayo No No

Fun Stories

Restaurant | WA, USA (I am pregnant, and I find my brain occasionally ceases functioning. I often find myself at a loss for words. One night, while picking up dinner at a popular submarine sandwich shop, I confidently asked the young man making my sandwich for ‘brown mayonnaise.’) Employee: “Excuse[…]

Her Query Is Ink-conclusive

Fun Stories

Electronics Store | ON, Canada (A fun new Polaroid style camera has come out and is extremely popular for Christmas gifts. I am talking to a middle-aged woman who should have grown up with film cameras.) Customer: “So the camera’s 100 bucks, and the photo paper is 20 bucks for[…]

Get Up Right Now And Get Outside

More Fun

Lynn’s Notes: This is a scene from my childhood. I liked being indoors. I enjoyed drawing and reading. Once I did go outdoors, however, it was hard to drag me back in. I remember my mom nagging me to get out and enjoy the sun and the summer — while[…]