Getting Tired Of Your Hangups

Fun Stories

Retail | Germany (The international call code for Germany is 0049. My own personal area code starts with 049. A lot of businesses that have international customers will call me.) Me: “[My Name].” Caller: “Yes, I’m calling about a problem with my order of [Product]. Can I—” Me: “—Sorry to[…]

Putting You In The Hot Seat

Fun Stories

Movie Theater | Los Angeles, CA, USA (I am working selling tickets at a movie theater, when an older gentleman and his teenage granddaughter come in.) Customer: “I need two tickets for [Popular Movie].” Me: “Of course. If you could please select your seats on the screen below?” (I indicate[…]

Love An Autopilot

Fun Stories

Retail | Acton, MA, USA (I’m in the electronics department, covering for the guy who is usually there. A call comes in for me. The caller sounds like a guy in his late teens or early twenties.) Caller: “Hi. Do you guy’s have any more PS4s?” Me: “Nope, we’re sold[…]