Totally Free From Thought

Fun Stories

Retail | Australia Me: “Hi, how may I help you today?” Customer: “Oh, yes, I’d just like to have these, please.” (I scan both items for her.) Me: “That just comes to [total]. Did you have [Store points card]?” Customer: “Hang on, this should be free.” (The customer is pointing[…]

The Element Of Surprise

More Fun

Lynn’s Notes: One thing that was not abundantly clear to my audience was that when Elly was working, Michael was in the care of Annie, who lived next door. This was the way it was with us. Aaron, at the age of ten, was under the watchful eye of wonderful[…]

Needs A Taste Of Common Sense

Fun Stories

Restaurant | WI, USA (A table orders a bottle of wine, so I go over to open it in front of them, let them taste it, and pour it for them. It’s standard procedure when you order a whole bottle.) Me: *after opening the bottle* “So, who would like to[…]

Trying To Discount The Employees

Fun Stories

Clothing Store | Regina, SK, Canada (A customer walks in with what I assume is his lady friend and buys a shirt for 10 bucks plus tax.) Customer: “Hey, man. I like this shirt. It’s awesome.” Me: “We usually have some good looking stuff for a pretty good price.” Customer:[…]