It’s The Principle Of The Matter

Fun Stories

Convenience Store | USA (I am second in line, and it’s early morning on a Thursday. The area has just gotten a severe weather warning about freezing rain and hail. In front of me is a chipper customer chatting with the clerk as she pays for her 40-oz bottles of[…]

The Route Of Shared Pain

Fun Stories

Electronic Store | USA (I work tech support in a call centre, which can involve long and draining days. I take a break and head down to the mall adjacent to us and am browsing some items in an electronic store. Many of the items are the same ones I[…]

Needs To Be Coached On Buses

Fun Stories

By BD Bus | Reykjavik, Iceland Me: “These are your tickets, the bus is right out here—” *gestures to the door with a HUGE departures sign over it* “—and it will be marked with the tour name in the front window.” Customer: “Thank you.” *the customer walks away, turns around[…]

Condo’s Cavemen: This Day in History


We’ve seen our pal A.D. Condo produce humor from all sorts of situations, but who knew he had mined some laughs from the prehistoric age? Get ready to travel way back in time with This Day in History! We’ve unearthed 20 of these, go check them out! Source:: Barnacle Press