Say Sayonara To Intelligence

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By BD Restaurant | Miami, FL, USA (I work at a Japanese restaurant and yes, I am Asian. There is a family of four sitting at a table.) Me: “Good evening, everyone. Can I start you guys off with anything?” Customer: “Where are you from?” Me: “I am from Taiwan.”[…]

Reached The Tipping Point

Fun Stories

By BD Bar | Huntsville, AL, USA (We are catering a Christmas party for a client and his seventy employees. The party includes an open bar and dinner. There are four servers, and two bartenders. I am a bartender. After five hours of making non-stop bar drinks, and receiving non-stop[…]

The Art Of Telepathy

Fun Stories

By BD Artist | USA (I do pet portraits for extra money to make it through college. Most of the purchases are mundane, somebody’s cat or dog, but I am eventually approached by a very strange woman carrying a stack of papers.) Woman: Hello. You’re the one who draws animals,[…]

Parking Back And Forth

Fun Stories

By BD Parking Lot | Seattle, WA, USA Caller: “I’m leaving from your downtown terminal next week and I wanted to know if there is parking there.” Me: “Sure! We have a small lot on our property, where you’re welcome to park if there is a spot available. There’s also[…]

No Discount Requires A Recount

Fun Stories

By BD Fast Food, Restaurant | UT, USA (I am standing in line. There are two gentlemen in front of me who are together being helped by the cashier.) Cashier: “Okay, your total is $36.74.” (This total catches my attention, as this place has a high value-per-dollar. In spite of[…]