Sends You A Kiss By Wire

Fun Stories

Telemarketing | Detroit, MI, USA (No way around it, no way to glamour it up: I am a telemarketer. I have to call a customer about an insurance offer. It takes a few seconds for us to be able to hear them when they answer.) Me: “He—” Customer: “HELLO, MY[…]

Forget To Drink To Forget

Fun Stories

Bar | London, England, UK (I’m bartending at a wedding and the bar is quiet. A father approaches the bar with his newly 18-year-old daughter.) Father: “I’ll have a pint of Guinness, please.” Me: “Certainly, sir. Is there anything else I can get you?” Father: “Do you want anything, [Daughter]?”[…]

Playing With Fire

Fun Stories

Gas Station | OH, USA (I work in a gas station that is a part of a larger superstore. We get a lot of calls to the gas station from customers trying to reach the store, but we can’t transfer them to the store from the station. This call happens[…]