Hmm… Mom Was Right.

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Lynn’s Notes: I was taught to sew at a very early age. As soon as I could manage a needle and thread, I was darning socks and patching trousers. One of the first “grown-up” gifts I received was a sewing box of my own — into which my mother had[…]

Efficiency Deficiency

Fun Stories

Hotel | USA (I’ve always prided myself in my fast service. Also, it should be noted that I always treat each guest the same, since they are all equally important in my eyes. One day, I’m checking in a lady at top speed.) Me: “Here is your key, and have[…]

Not One’s Cup Of Tea

Fun Stories

Gas Station | Brisbane, QLD, Australia (I am waiting in line at a petrol station that sells coffees, snacks, and other small grocery items as well as petrol. The customer in front of me is speaking to the cashier.) Customer: “I just want two tea bags, please.” Cashier: “Do you[…]