Wiggled Out Of That One

Fun Stories

Retail | West Chester, PA, USA (I am the stupid customer in this one. I have just bought a wig from a friend for a costume I am working on and am wearing it to break it in and get used to the feel. I am also wearing contacts, but[…]

Grand Theft Innocence, Part 8

Fun Stories

Game Store | Helsinki, Finland (I’m a customer at a popular independent games store in Helsinki. The store is very busy at the moment. I’m third in line when a customer storms in and rushes to the counter.) Customer: “Hey! I want my money back!” (The cashier completely ignores him,[…]

Feeling Entitled To Be Untitled

More Fun

Restaurant | Saskatoon, SK, Canada (One man, probably in his mid-twenties, is sitting with two similarly-aged attractive women.) Me: “Good afternoon, ladies and gentle sir. My name is [Name] and I’ll be your server today. Can I get you anything to drink while you look at the menus?” Female #1:[…]