Real Life Grand Theft Auto (VIDEO)

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This guy was outside, obviously inebriated, challenging cars and passersby to fights and generally being a asshole. Not only does he get hit by a car, but (bonus) he gets immediately arrested by some police that just happened upon the scene.   Source: Daily Fun Feed

Two Word Sentence

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By fborfwstrips Lynn’s Notes: I did these strips after agreeing to look after a friend’s two-year-old. Both my kids were in school, and my home was no longer baby-proof. I had forgotten how to feed, carry, talk to, and otherwise live with a toddler and was right out of my[…]

How To Re-Tire Bad Customers

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Craft Store | WI, USA (It’s Black Friday and I have a noon shift. I have been berated and belittled by most of the customers since most of the doorbusters have been sold out.) Rude Customer: “WHY even advertise this if you don’t keep it in stock!? That’s stupid! If[…]